Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Azzurri Dreams in a funk

Yes it is true, the funk has hit and it has hit big time. But unlike Grahame Souness who can send out his loyal assistant to deal with the media after another lackluster performance, I unfortunately have no such support considering Feyenoord is still tanning somewhere and not returning my calls. So I have to force myself to wade through another day of riveting will-he-or-will-he not Nicolas Anelka rumors and report today's news.

Even though I like to think Newcastle is the most dysfunctional team in Europe, Real Madrid is easily poised to win this award for 2006. Yet, today they finally announced something that makes sense. They want to sign one of the most elegant, excellent, playmakers in the world Juan Ramon Riquelme. Lets face it, since Barcelona signed Ronaldinho a few seasons back, Real Madrid have been playing keep-up with the Catalan side and have also been seriously lacking a creative mid-field presence.

The problem(s) with this deal before we address why it makes sense is that Real Mardid is making a fundamental mistake in asking for the coach's Juan Ramon Lopez Caro's approval. Team president Perez said he needs to fit in Caro's plans. Seriously, who is this guy other then the sponge needed to stop the sinking at Real Madrid until they can focus on getting a big name coach in the summer. If you can get Riquelme you do for one small reason. Your team is awful right now, no creativity, no mid-field magic, Zidane is Zidane but only to a certain extent and the rest of your mid-field, well ok, we wont poke fun at David Beckham today. Now, just maybe your over-hyped, under-worked strikers will have a chance to score. I do not see this deal happening any time soon, but I will be the first to admit being wrong just as I did when I said David Beckham shaving his arm pits was not news but I had to admit just how wrong I was.

Hernan Crespo will leave Chelsea at the end of this season, and Azzurri Dreams sees one likely possibility, an all-out bidding war between the Milan rivals.

Seriously, there is more news ro report but the inspiration has left my fingers and I am left counting the days to the next round of Champions League matches or at least until the next David and Posh marriage crisis because if this lack of interesting news continues on this pace, I will be committed to an insane asylum wondering just why did David Moyes make a bid for Anelka in the vicinity of £5m and Feyenoord will return to find an empty office with no trace of me.
Azzurri Dreams

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