Friday, July 28, 2006

Clean Urine

As if there was any doubt that I would pass any drug test, I am here to announce to the ever-growing Azzurri Dreams readership that I have not doped. Not now, not in the past. My analysis of the game is all natural. Although some would suggest my disgust at anything to do with the French and English national sides is heightened by some 'abnormal' substances recently found in my bloodwork, I am here writing with this the full legal and moral support of Feyenoord. With that said, we can now address today's ramblings. Roma are looking to strengthen their team ahead of their Champions League appearance this year.
They are keen on signing Ghanaian midfielder Stephane Appiah. I am sure he will want to leave his Turkish experience behind and go back to a country with no match-fixing implications. Roma are also looking to bring in Serbian striker Mirko Vucinic. And just to re-assure our American viewership, I did not intentionally choose the picture with a dejected American team from the last game of this years Group of Death, it was merely a coincidence.
It is on. It is off. Luca Toni has been categorically told he will not being to Inter. Oh well. I do not buy it. Now the brain trust has decided to focus on bringing the Juventus strike force of Ibrahimovic and Trezeguet to Inter. Lets see, what to do...with Adrianno, Martins, Cruz. I think Trezeguet goes elsewhere, but as you all know I have been know to be wrong from time to time.
Manchester United are after Argentina players Javier Mascherano and Carlos Tevez. No way. Supposedly Mascherano is off to Inter and Tevez is too good to end up at Manchester United. Tevez is on his way out and that is obvious after what happened in Brazil on Monday night. I look for AC Milan to make a move for this kid that can flat-out play and pairing him up with Crespo.
As for other news, lets just say if I were Liverpool I would focus on not going to Haifa without at least 1,000 hooligans. I am sure they can offer all the security they would need in a war zone to handle Hezbollah, Israel and the PLO and still have time to have some very nice pints of warm beer.
And in the 'did miss something' portion of today's ramblings why is Sol Campbell such as hot commodity right now. Seriously, if anyone can tell me, please email me. The latest has him linked up with Roma and Marseille. Ok, I have to go back to have my Sample B re-tested but will be back shortly.

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