Thursday, July 27, 2006

Im Out

No, not like Lance out-of-closet. But out of ideas on how to hide the fact, the disappointment, that surely must come with not being able to bash the Swedish-Savant. But it may be my lucky day after all. Rumors circulating in England have him, minus one-sheik taking over the Aston Villa coaching job. Could this be my lucky day? Seriously, if that is the case, Feyenoord may never be able to pry me away from the AzzurriDreams offices. If that is the case, can you imagine an entire-seasons worth of sexual innuendos, meetings with Beckham and whatever drama that merely being the Swedish-Savant brings. I shudder to think at how much worse my carpal tunnel will become because I will be typing at a feverish pace...almost non-stop, like the media lining to ask him what the hell he was thinking in Germany.

But for now, lets just report some news. Feyenoord has just handed me a small piece of paper. It reads, "Do not mention Hezbollah and mention something Dutch." So I say, for lunch today, we will go Dutch. He frowns and I know what he means. Ok, here it is, the deal for Dirk Kuyt is back-on with Liverpool. The Dutch team wants €14 Million, Liverpool, after picking up another dud in Pennant only want to pay €10 Million. But this kid can flat out play.

Milan, have just trumped Inter's bid for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, offering €22 Million. This along with Gilardino upfront and Kaka' running wild behind them would make for a great, young striking force. Look for Inter now to really start freaking out and trying to secure Luca Toni that wants to leave but has been told by Fiorentina that he now going anywhere.

As if this makes any sense. We all know Ruud Van Nistelrooy is leaving Manchester United. That is not the news. The news is that Ferguson is taking a chance and looking to bring in Jermain Defoe to replace him. Seriously, are you kidding me. Replace one of the top Champions League scores of the last few seasons and a guy with a 150+ domestic goals with a guy...wells lest just say, the Swedish-Savant did not even pick him for his illustrious squad in Germany. The argument here is about age, and just once, I would like to see Sir Alex Ferguson acknowledge this rather then publicly out his players that have given him so much. Ruud we wish you only the best at youre new team and don't worry, Manchester United will do nothing without you this season. But seriously look at the picture above and I too would be that happy to leave the drama that is now Manchester United. Oh wait he now has to deal with the Real Madrid circus.

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