Monday, July 31, 2006

Im Speechless

I'd like to say she is the new spokesperson for Azzurri Dreams. I love Feyenoord and he is invaluable to our opertaion but if this woman, Alexandra Paressant, wanted his job, his ass would be out in a moment. But unfortunately I have not replaced Feyenoord.
In the where are we until the football season starts part of the summer, we are reminded that those pesky Brazilians are always scoring. Maybe not against France, but who cares when rumor has it you scored with this woman. night in and night out. So what if they only burned down your statue, I am sure you did more then that to her in the hallway.

Now I understand why Ronaldihno did not have his game legs during the World Cup. And I promise not to stoke this fire any more, but one can only say that I rarely respect the English press, but this story, as reported in The Sun, whether true or not, just made my day.

But now, for legal purposes, I need to focus on football.

Ashley Cole is going to Chelsea. Next story. Oh wait he is going to Real Madrid. No, wait he is going to Chelsea. Just sign this deal will you, you're driving us all crazy. Hope you had a great honeymoon, now make up your mind so you can join up with some new team for your tour of America.

Juventus are asking Inter for €40M for Zlatan Ibrahomovich, pricing him out of the market so he either ends up staying at Juventus for one season until they come up to Serie A next season. Or just a hunch, so he can end-up at Real Madrid.

Palermo are intent on signing midfielder Christian Zanetti.

Turkey calling. Why is it all that Brazilians end-up there. Latest has Roberto Carlos going to Fenerbahce. He has come out since meeting with Fabio Capello saying he wants to stay at Real Madrid. But with Cannavaro, Ramos, Cichino, and one more addition to the defense(see Ashley Cole), Madrid's MLS-like defense is solid and then don't need him. I am sure Roberto can hang out with fellow Brazilian Marcelinho in some Turkish cafe' wondering if the rumors about Alexandra Paressant are true.

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