Sunday, July 30, 2006

Reading the Future

I too would look this worried. No not for the 9-month suspension I just received after my national football tribunal. But because if I knew my star's father had been in Madrid negotiating a new contract on his behalf, I would be this long-faced. But wait, Galliano always looks this way, doesn't he...but I digress.

This summer's deal are fun, aren't they? Although the most protacted deals in the past few years were those of Sir David and Ronaldihno, the ones that are about to happen still have another 32 days before the summer conclusion to this transfer market. So get ready, because some of these we will get tired of hearing about. And the name-calling(see Real Madrid vs. Milan) and finger-pointing will only intensify. Players will know their interests are best-served by asking for transfers and then bidding will offically being. See Kuyt, Tevez, Reyes, Landon(nah, I am just kidding on this one).
No I am not a psychic who knows what is going to happen before it happens. But when it comes to Real Madrid I do know one thing; what they want they get. Two news agencies, Telemadrid and AS both have Milan's Kaka' signing for Real Madrid. And the kicker is this, they will unveil him on August 9th so that Kaka' does not play Champions League for Milan this year-Ouch. Now, the growing readership at Azzurri Dreams knows we do not like to speculate(ok, well I lied) but I have a feeling we will see Ronaldo or Julio Baptista mentioned possibly in some swap. Great, a great player for a fatty. That is fair but I digress again. Call it a hunch. And to add injury to insult, supposedly Kaka', with the thousands of Real Madrid fans already waiting for him and sleeping in the parking lot of the Santiago Bernabeu, will be unveiled wearing the #19 jersey as worn by the great, drum-roll please...Jonathan Woodgate whose greatest contribution to that team has been his fashionable hair style over the past two years. This move makes absolutely no sense to me and why Milan would want to sell him is beyond me.

But maybe, just maybe, its because they need the money to launch an official bidding war for Fernando Torres and are intent on bringing defensive midfielder Mahamadou Diarra from Lyon. The Mali star is great but he plays a different position but Carlo Ancelotti wants to remake the mid-field of his team freeing up Andrea Pirlo. Milan is thin with strikers and should focus on this. They are already looking to offer Bonera whom they just signed from Parma last week.

Back on the other side of town, its getting sticky. Luca Toni's bid from Inter is rising by the moment, just as my blood pressure does when I watch an England match. One vicious rumor has Adrianno going to Fiorentina and Toni coming over for close to €20M. Fiorentina now needs to compensate for the loss of Champioms League money and Inter know this. zlatan Ibrahimovic is to follow shortly for close to €12M. Juventus keep claiming they are not selling any other players but then again, they say that because their phones are still being tapped and are trying to deflect all the calls that aren't from the cash-rich Inter.

As for me, I need to make an appearance and wave to the many passerby's that stand below the Azzurri Dreams offices hoping to get a glance of me. More news to follow shortly.

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