Monday, August 07, 2006

All Wet

And no its not from the fans in the cheap seats that kept pelting my friends and I with water missile's as we watched the Barcelona-Chivas match at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Its from the sprinklers that were turned-on in the second half of the match and to the amusement of 90,000 plus fans, I was reminded, no wonder no team wants to professionally play at this awful stadium. It made the pitch in Milan seem like a field of dreams. The last time I was at this stadium, Feyenoord missed two Van Nistelrooy and he still has not forgiven me.

But as one of the only four white guys in a wonderful crowd draped in Marquez jerseys, I was reminded what a wonderful experience live football is. Sprinklers and all. I am happy to be alive when it involves this nutty game.

Even with the two brawls in the stadium, a fat woman flashing us her breasts, Chivas not being able to score sitters, no Lionel Messi and Ronaldinhno coming on in the second half, watching the likes of Frank Rijkaard, Edminilson, Puyol and Von Bommel about sixty feet in front of me is a surreal experience. Better then any television experience, even with the new, plush flat-screens at the AzzurriDreams offices, the game, live is like nothing else. And this all for a pre-season friendly.

Can you imagine what it will be like when next month Feyenoord and I are in Portugal watching champions league matches? Actually I can, but I might be taking applications for his substitution, as he has completely vanished lately. If you are young, a female, into football and with and European passport, please send me your headshots...whoops I mean your resume and I promise to call you back. Tickets are pre-paid. But I digress.

As I sat in the stadium, talking to my Mexican brethen, I realized, just how similar we men are. We talk the same, we act the same, we struggle the same and we celebrate the same in this goofy game called football. And I would not want it any other way. The atmosphere and the pulse was a calumniation of great marketing and public relations and a lot of beer. 90,000 plus fans just watching a game. Of course, I told as many people as I could about this blog, hopefully our readership will spike today. Now if only MLS matches were this exciting. Now unto the news:

The real deals will start after this weeks Champions League matches insure teams like Arsenal and AC Milan they will have their Euros for spending this season. Rev them up because until the end of the month, the real deals are to be fast and players you thought were going one place, end up somewhere else.

Milan and Inter are in the race to get Zlatan Ibrahomovich. I don't know what Inter would do with this kid, since they just signed Hernan Crespo(on top of Cruz, Martins, Adrianno, and someone else to be yet named so so they could have him) as we have been saying for, how long now? But another version of the Milan derby is under way.

Franck Ribery wants out of Marseille. Why, that is such a shock. This is a repeat of what he did in Turkey last year. At this pace, he will have a new team every year and become the French version of Christian Vieri. Arsenal supposedly pick him for the fee collected after the sale of Reyes. What a neat coincidence.

William Gallas to Milan. Initially we had him going to Juventus, but we all know what happened, so now its between Arsenal and AC Milan. This would be a good move for Milan as their defense is about 218 years old. And Gallas said he wants to play in a different league. We wont hold the fact that he is French againist him.

Roma are set to push for Mahamadou Diarra with Milan eyeing this situation but like I said earlier, I do not expect any movement from Milan until after the qualifiers.

Palermo are now linked up with Mirko Vucinic as is Roma. This kid can flat-out play.

Juventus have officially made an offer of €4 Million to Corinthians for Ricardinho and are also intent on signing Ghanaian Sulley Ali Muntari. I guess this answers who is the hottest set of players post-World Cup(excluding the Juventus players) as they are being linked with many top teams. Nothing like beating the USA to increase your market value. More news to follow shortly.

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