Tuesday, August 01, 2006

End of an Era

No, that picture is not of Feyenoord. It is the a picture of how I feel today. The end of an Era is upon us and we at Azzurri Dreams, are definitely, well to say the least very sad. We will need to name a new captain, find a striker who can score, and put the Swedish-Savant-era in the very distant future...that and work diligently towards a second star. Whoops, now I sound like Steve McClaren. Sven, please find a new job quickly and please let a microphone be near you on all your cruises or staff meetings because you have given me so much enjoyment over the last few months that I am seriously wondering if we can sustain Azzurri Dreams without your participation. Sven we will miss you but here is my take on the situation in England.

My question, actually more of a rambling today is to ponder the following in regards to the FA. You paid a stiff for close to five years all that money who brought you nothing but shame and a few quarterfinal appearances and yet you were not willing to pursue Hiddink or Scolari with the funds necessary. And no disrespect to McClaren, but seriously, he is not the guy for the job. And although I had to turn down the position because my numerous speaking engagements would not allow me to be in two places at once, my initial thoughts on the state of English Football are these:

Build your team on fluidity and be stern. Stick to one or two formations, not the Swedish-Savants preferred method of numerous formations on any given whim to match the mood of the last woman he was sleeping with. Keep your players informed but keep it simple. Play to your strengths.

Use the next two years and the qualifications for the Euros as the necessary development of your English youth. The tournament is worth, what half-a-star, so go young, give them experience and help them grow-up.

Don't put 5 in the midfielders(whoops 4, Beck's doesn't actually count, does he?) all playing the same position. Use some flair and go offensive, you have the strikers to do it, so use them.

Sell some of your top players to the other domestic leagues in Europe. It'll do wonders for their adaptability and growth in the game. They will learn to play different styles and get them away from only using the acclaimed long ball.

Don't think you are going to win simply based on history. Seriously, you have won 1 World Cup, nothing to brag about...unless you are the French. Stop the press from creating champions before they have proven something on the field. As far as we are concerned, for South Africa 2010 everyone is on equal grounds right now...well, except the Azzurri who just clinched their 4th, but we do not need to bring that up again.

And definitely not least importantly, please do not sleep with any of your staffers. Be the gaffer and let your players own the spotlight and let them excel. Do not talk behind their backs and of course, please do not have the stupid smirk on your face, as if you are actually deep in thought while watching a match...wait, this message is addressed to McClaren, not the Swedish-Savant, so strike the last point.

Azzurri Dreams

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