Saturday, August 05, 2006

Historic First:

Feyenoord has not picked up his phone for two days and it leaves me wondering how we are to build our media empire when he screens his calls. Who is setting up my next media days? I know he is at the Stadium in Rotterdham already looking, desperately trying to scalp tickets to his teams upcoming match against Chelsea, but let me tell you something my friend, do not spend the money. Any team with Shaun Wright-Phillips is not fun to watch so much that you need to spend your hard earned Euros. Especially with today's performance.

Some of my readers believe me wanting to replace him with Alexandria might have irked Feyenoord. But he has no idea what irked is until he has to listen to dumb and dumber(ESPN's Dave Ryan and Eric Wynalda) do play-by-play as I just have painstakingly done for the last 90 minutes as I watch the MLS All-Star Game. Seriously I could comment on the game, but Bruce Arena would probably blame me for everything, so I decided not to mention much.

My boredom reached an all new level on this lazy Saturday afternoon. No I am not talking about being so bored that I actually had to watch the MLS all-star Game. Actually I am...just in case you have no idea what I am talking about, the growing readership of AzzurriDreams knows I dislike the MLS. It reeks of mediocrity and a hype machine, which, well to say the least, does no good to the future of the development of its National team.

But you just beat a Chelsea team. Some would say it, so, it was Chelsea's b-side team, and their first match of the summer. But either way, and my compliments are, well very sparse towards American players(maybe in some way, that is maybe why Feyenoord is avoiding me, maybe he feels overlooked, overshadowed...more on the therapy, later though) you beat them and these are building blocks for the success of the game in United States. Moral victories go a long way towards shaping the future.

New heights were reached today. A slow, but productive, counter-attacking style that actually won you a game on a beautiful Dwayne DeRosaio goal. Congratulations. And to the MLS and its players, do not be annoyed that I keep my praise so short, I am sure Feyenoord is envious nonetheless.

Azzurri Dreams

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