Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Intimately Azzurri

No this is not a picture of Feyenoord on vacation. As if Feyenoord and I did not have enough to do, he had to perform CPR on me this morning. Having found me passed out in the Azzurri Dreams offices pre-dawn, he was determined to know what had caused this sudden change in my physical appearance.
When he leaned over to breath 'life' into me, I was so startled, I sprayed him with my limited edition of Intimately Beckham perfume. I went ahead and told Feyenoord I had passed out from the odorous and gaseous intoxicating fumes of this over-hyped package...he wondered if I was talking about David Beckham or the perfume. Touché, I said!

Things have gotten so nutty, that Sir David could not even attend this ceremony to launch his perfume. Nor could his skinny wife that now rivals Peter Crouch as the skinniest Brit alive. But at last account, his fragrance had outsold his wife's by a 2-1 margin. I can only imagine what type of text messages are going back and forth as we speak. Then Feyenoord, slapped me. The first one was talking about his sweaty lover in his absence he said. The second time, was so that I would focus and report the news of the day.

But he was adament I not stoke the Ronaldo rumor. Ok I wont, but Milan are worried about his 18-20M valuation from Real Madrid, and Fabio Capello being who he is, already has made it known he prefers the Dutch Phenom as his number one striker. Something fishy at Milan, might have to do with only having a one goal lead going into their Champions League Match, but they have nixed their moved for Brazilian Sobis. Attention has now turned to Carlitos, aka Carlos Tevez, now that he has said he will never play for Corinthians again and has gone into MIA. Iaquinta is still in play here. They should get bold and grab Adrianno from the brain trust at Inter, but then again I am not here to start rumors.

Roma, once again proving me correct and showing, that they, unlike Inter, will play some attractive ball this season, are on the move for some good players. They are intent to sign Vucinic while also bringing in Esposito. Both these kids can flat out play and would add speed and length to Roma's attack.

Inter. Ok, here we go again, have agreed to purchase Mauro Camoranesi from Juventus. Phenomenal player with width and speed, too bad Inter have another 16 midfielders. What is another player to contirbute to the fall of their coach come this spring? Anyone thinking what I am for his replacement with the Annointed One, Marcello Lippo?

And in the please don't say so section of today's news, Anelka is off to Bolton. If anyone can turn this kid around, its Big Sam. But why oh why do you need this kid? If Juventus, yes Juventus, a relegated team, can say no to a perpetual malcontent such as Bobo Vieri, why couldn't Bolton do the same thing. Then I just remembered, I was writing on Bolton and decided to quickly move on. I have lost all concentration, which is typically what happens when watching any English match and have decided to stop writing. I will be back shortly with more news.

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