Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kiss the Shirt

No I am not referring to the fact that right now, Feyenoord is somewhere with his lover, probably kissing her sweaty shirt as he peels it off of her. I swear this guy takes more vacation then is humanly possible, but in all fairness, he does play a role in establishing AzzurriDreams as a media giant in the world of reporting football news.

But I am referring to the drama surrounding Shevchenko's first goal for Chelsea over the weekend. Now if only the game was as exciting as the fallout from his former AC Milan teammates responding to his kissing his new jersey, and all this exhilaration after one goal? Even Pele has been brought into the discussion to say that players need to stop kissing their sweaty jerseys. I thought the English press was hard to deal with, but the Italians...well we take drama to another level, but chicks dig it.

Supposedly, everyone chimed in and was upset that he showed disrespect to his former team and so quickly when he kissed his jersey. One should note, that any man getting such satisfaction out of kissing a micro-fiber polyester shirt, should be examined. And secondly, seriously who cares when he followed it up by saying the only jersey he truly loves is that of the Ukraine. For that I respect the world's greatest striker. As Feyenoord and I often discuss(excluding this week, since he is tied up or, is it the other way around?) country over club. One hard tackle by Gattuso in some eventual Champions League match should suffice to put all animosities aside.

Now for the real drama. Leave it to the brain trust at Inter to get creative. They are listening to offers for Adrianno from Manchester United and Real Madrid. The sum being thrown around is roughly € 45 Million , or only a tips worth more then was spent on Michael Carrick(still laughing about that one). OK I am exagerrting but you get the point, you cannot even compare the two players.
The strange thing, is if this deal goes through, Inter loses out on a young talent and has him replaced with Hernan Crespo(who I adore) but has a limited time left being a solid #9. Two years done the road, even with Ibrahomovich will not replace him. And by-the-way, players like Adrianno do not end-up in England. I wish Fergie would understand that. And in the rumor that I just wont let go of, if he ends up Real Madrid watch for the gordito aka Ronaldo to come back to Inter.

AC Milan need a striker. With the Fernando Torres deal still not finalized, the back-up plan is Vincenzo Iaquinta.

Lens midfielder Alou Diarra is off to Roma for about €5 Million.

Ok, now its time to shower to rinse myself of the dirty thoughts I have just had about Feyenoord and his lover. But I will be back shortly. But do expect a delay when ringing our offices, because my faithful assistant is not here to answer the phones.

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