Tuesday, August 01, 2006

No Doubt

Like I keep telling Feyenoord, there is no doubt in my mind that what I write is true and will happen. Now convincing the powers to be to follow my advice is another story all-together. A difficult job. Almost like being unveiled at an Inter press conference but dreaming of playing for Manchester United...see Patrick Viera. But let us focus on the big deal that I have been talking about for a while. Feyenoord has been making all his calls and the rumors are in fact true, that is until they change again later today.

AC Milan have agreed to personal terms with Zlatan Ibrahomovich. Trust me when I say this deal is done. Now they just need to work on personal terms with the player himself. Next to be posted on their website is once again confirmation of something we have been talking about for a while--Gigi Buffon going there as well. Just a matter of time.

Juventus is looking to strengthen their squad with purchasing Livorno players Marco Amelia and Cristiano Lucarelli. They have also said they will not get rid of Mauro Camonaresi. Juventus is already building its team with an eye on being back to the Serie A after this season. And if that was not enough, they have already started pursuing Robinho...but I am not here to start rumors.

Now I could chime in on the Michael Carrick situation. But I wont. Ok I lied. Are you kidding me with what you paid for this 25-year old midfielder. Thats right, £18.6m for Carrick. If that is the case, what is a Seedorf, Appiah, Gattuso, Camonaresi or Cambiasso(all proven International Players) worth? Manchester United, once again, taking notes from the Inter braintrust, have overpaid...lets see, can we say Rio Ferdinand, part II? Just because someone asks for the money, does not mean you have to give it to them. Wow, good thing you leveraged all that debt because you are going to need it with another another average performance this season in both the league and Champions League. Good things you sell a lot t's and have premium sponsors because, winning titles is not going to fund your acquisitions.
Sir Alex, I know you have an eye for talent, but this is just too much. Seriously with the way Roy Keane played the last few seasons for you, why still focus on finding his replacement? I would have given you a Feyenoord on a season-long loan, whom even with his chronic smoking, would have been a better deal then this one.

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