Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rumor Has It

We are huge in the United Kingdom. Actually I over-exaggerated, more like England. Funny because I rarely have anything pleasant to say about the English...actually not really true, I love the English folk, its the French I tend to dislike...but then again who does not?

Feyenoord came into the AzzurriDreams office to find me alone this morning, in deep meditation, lighting many candles. He wondered if the visits to the doctors had gone well. I assured him I am healthy but was just praying for the football season to start. Seriously, how many MLS matches can one man endure? And since the start of my beloved Serie B...whoops Serie A was pushed back another two weeks, I had to call my physic and find out when I will actually get some competitive matches(barring the Euro's clash between Italy and France). I am feeling like a junkie needing a quick fix, and bad. Feyenoord assured me that we are close to the start of the new season. I said that the Charity Shield does not count. He said I should be nice. I said, what else do you have for me as I lit one more candle.

But August 16th looms he mentioned, when we will see the top English teams field teams, that will don't really look English. Look at the landscape of the top English club teams right now and, well to say the least, they look like Inter. Very few domestic, English players. But oh well, that might not be such a bad thing, right? It might cut down on the long balls and two-footed, studs up tackles into the shins. So with only a few days to the start of their season, I was wondering what is the most exciting thing happening in England right now. Besides the Swedish-Savant being unemployed, what else is there to report. I am reaching for anything right now.

I am just handed a piece of paper from Feyenoord that shows that Azzurri Dreams fastest growing readership is coming from England. So, ok twist my arm just a little bit more. The latest is this:

Are these photos of David Beckham in his Speedos while vacationing??: CLICKHERE, you dont want to miss this: Seriously, no children should browse these photos. Can I get away with calling him a wanker even though I am not English?

Ok, Feyenoord, just mentioned, to focus on the football:
Liverpool really want Dirk Kuyt. And he wants to go. He would make an interesting paring with the naughty-sms sender, Craig Bellamy with some tremendous speed between the two of them. But my hunch is Martin Jol, still laughing at how he got all that cash for Michael Carrick, will try to steal this kid.

Anyone that knows me, knows I am a huge Argentina fan and adore their players. So when one of the best central defenders, Roberto Ayala wants a new club, I have to speculate why he has not been snatched up. He would make a perfect fit with Fabio Cannavaro in the Real Madrid central defense and let Ramos play on the side with Cichino. Or he could end up at Inter with every other I am just kidding on that. This guy can flat out play, and even at 33, should be assessed by Manchester United, AC Milan and Roma. Why not, its my rumor. I can do whatever I want.

Seriously does anyone care about Robert Huth or Thomas Gravesen...I don't so I wont spend any time on it. The two best strikers left on the market are making it ugly with Zlatan Ibrahomovich claiming to use legal action to get out of his contract and Luca Toni calling on his crook employer to let him go so he can play Champions League. The funny thing, is I am convinced Juventus do want Zlatan to stay because even with a 17 point deficit, they will rise back to Serie A next year and to sell this player, so young and gifted does not make sense. Ok, now Milan can steal him.
The more interesting point here, is the legal precedent that might be allowed to let this player void his contract because on the demotion of this team(unless his contract had a disclaimer on this?). I know there are a lot of lawyers that read Azzurri Dreams, so if you know anything on this, specially with Italian Law, we would really like to hear from you.

I need to sign off, the candles are all dwindling now and Feyenoord believes this might be a safety issue...he is no fun lately. But this is a warm welcome to our new viewers overseas. Come back and come back often and please let your friends know. I might need some new friends. And please let me know when Wembly is completed.

Azzurri Dreams

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