Friday, November 30, 2007

My Christmas Wishlist

Feyenoord, showed up this morning to the Azzurri Dreams offices. I must have shown him distrust or wonderment, in my expression, because he kept staring me, as if to say, "its me..." I mean I know he is busy, very busy lately, but it does not excuse him from his daily responsibilities to our ever growing readership.

The latest numbers show Azzurri Dreams to be the most read soccer blog among our Gutrati brethren and San Francisco, CA. But as he kept looking at me, I must have sensed he was getting weirded out by me and not the other way around. He calmly, asked, "why the bottle of whisky and the Santa Clause outfit so early this morning?"

My response, was simple, the whisky is because I love this game, and usually publish news before the bigger sites get it, kinda of like my posting on the Balon d'Or yesterday, only to have ESPN Soccernet publish the same information today: Click here

Now I am not saying that ESPN and some other notable brands get ALL their news on European football from me, but I am sure you can infer, that although the www is a small place, and we are all fans of the beautiful game, there are some poachers who need some information and thus they log unto to Azzurri Dreams. And I am more then happy to share with you big guys. But I digress, and Feyenoord continuing looking at me as I told him this very thing.

Secondly, the Santa Clause outfit is because my date with an Internet babe went so poorly last night, that I wanted to bring merry and gifts to our readership and myself. And who else besides Santa Clause delivers all the goods on time as we do at Azzurri Dreams. Thus the outfit I explained, plus it made me feel festive, slightly drunk with power(and whisky) and I decided, going into the end of the year, I would ask the real Santa Clause for certain gifts that pertain to the state of of my beloved football in Europe.

Feyenoord, looked at me, like the great publicist he is, and I knew what he was thinking, with this whisky in his belly, who the hell is going to spellcheck this latest wish list. But nonetheless here it goes. This football(holiday season), I want:

Safer matches in my beloved Italy. Stop the insanity and just watch the game. Teach the young ones in the stands, that with this game, you will learn all you ever need to know about life and love

Francesco Totti back on the Azzurri for the Euro's in 2008

FIFA to ban their ranking systems. Funny how teams that don't play actually go up in the rankings. Could be a good strategy for the US National team going forward

All my football in the US to be on HDTV

To view all the African Cup of Nations matches

To see Riquelme play for one of the top teams in Europe. With the excess pounds being wasted on some of this years players, can I ask the Azzurri Dreams readership to contribute to the Riquelme Fund to keep him here and not in Argentina

For the FA, not to stop being as screwed up as you are. When the Sweedish-Savant left for Manchester City, I was wondering who would be as easy of a target, and lo and behold, the FA quickly volunteered.

For the English Press to stop thinking they are the centre of the football universe. You might have been during the times of scurvy and when you first introduced the game, but have not been for so long, its too funny. Yet annoying.

To see an Italian team say no to a Brazilian player. Note to Milan, just because you can have Ronaldinho, does not mean you should. One lazy gordito on your bench is enough.

To see Fabio Grosso come back and play in Italy

To see England stop thinking they have the best league in the world. Although I like the fun.

To see David Beckham and Posh unedited, wondering if this is what was published on this youtube video, what was cut out?

To see Posh eat a double burger

To see any of the these top players' model girlfriends naked

For the LA Galaxy to reimburse fans for this years ticket purchases 100%.

For coaches to stop complaining about the players they do not have and just play the dam game with what you got

For Luciano Spalletti to smile

For players to stop pledging their "futures" and life to one club. In today's era, most players lack the integrity to turn down the the big money moves and play for their childhood team their entire careers

For a wonderful 2008 Euros in Switzerland and Austria, considering Azzurri Dreams will be there in person reporting on the fate of the 16 nations

For South Africa to finish their stadiums, we already have rooms booked for 2010

Azzurri Dreams

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