Saturday, December 08, 2007

Calling for a Boycott

And no I am not referring to a boycott of the Spice Girls Reunion. Seriously, I am so disturbed today, that I had to write on my one day off. Feyenoord is MIA...again, and to tell you the truth, since I saw him at the Spice Girls Reunion show the other night, he has gotten even weirder then usual. Is that possible? No one here today to keep the Azzurri Dreams offices running smoothly, except for me. So I decided, and realized, there really is a comparison to be made between how I run and operate Azzurri Dreams, and what the FA is trying to do in hiring a new coach.

My boycott is simple. I am calling for the José Mourinho fan club to stop positioning this guy as the top contender for the gaffer of the English Side. What the myopic English fans do not realize is how wrong for the job this guy is. True he is a winner. I will give him more credit for his work at FC Porto then for his work at Chelsea. And as if reading Feyenoord's ever-absent mind, I will tell you why.

He won the domestic league and Champions league with a team from the Portuguese League. I, and I mean, I or anyone could have coached the Chelsea teams he had for the last few years. And no disrespect to the FA Cup, a poultry two league titles with the pounds spent at Chel$ki, had to be expected.

His football was unimaginative, dry, and functional. But they won. No one can take that away from him. Ever wonder why they got rid of him this year, and of all of sudden, a certain flair come to the London club with the hiring of a Dutch field master, Henk ten Cate and the continuous approach for a truly once again potentially spectacular player in Ronaldinho?

Chelsea needs to contend for the Champions League, like the top teams in Europe have been doing for since the tournament took over as the pre eminent club football tournament in Europe. I mean, if Liverpool (aka Liverdrool, since I tend to fall asleep watching their matches), can win in, why and what is wrong with Chelsea?

And while I applaud him for actually fielding English players in England(novel concept, huh Arsenal and Inter, use domestic talent, very interesting??), his lack of creativity ultimately cost him his job. And the point is this. True Jose truly understands the English game, but lets be honest, he is not going to get this job. Brian Barwick is not going to hire him. Jose is simply positioning himself, getting some attention and headlines and keeping himself relevant.

What England needs is a coach that understands the English game, and can mold a strong defensive spine, and create some creativity at the same time, and get his flank players to be able to make a cross (reference to this mornings' Chelsea Match where Shaun Wright Phillips could not make one). Creativity is the key word here. I know I have said to hire someone with experience and age, someone willing to go at his own way and be willing to deal with the consequences.

What the FA needs is to look beyond the obvious, like so many fans are incapable of. Go old school, look at the rosters of the great Liverpool and Manchester Teams, and start cold calling to inquire who is still alive and who is still willing to get off the links to even consider this position. Alan Shearer and Gerard Houllier are potential candidates. But lets all agree, their is once again, no need to make a hasty decision, i.e., Steve McClaren.

I mean it could always be worse, like the Scottish Vacancy that has Grahame Souness associated with it. Just when the national program was on a rise, you are going to consider giving it this guy, who has dismantled more teams that I can even rattle off. I digress, as always, but lets just wrap it up and say this. Stop the internal bickering at the FA, make sure your assistants are not sleeping with the coaches, and no not make a hasty decision.

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