Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dreams do Come True

Well, enough said. The posting title says it all. Feyenoord will get his dream and watch his beloved Dutch play my beloved Azzurri in next years Euro's.

Since we have four stars, and he has none, I am not too worried. But, let me assess the group draw and come back with some notes and navigation's. Here we go, the countdown has begun.

I haven't seen Feyenoord this animated since the 2000 Euros or when I tried to out him and his performance last year when he disappeared with his lover. But seriously, I know you are the 'real' brains behind Azzurri Dreams, but can you , please please give me one minute to at least assess the Euros Draw. I have already lit my candle and asked the great Lippi for his guidance on how to navigate this group. You see he knew something about not only surviving but winning the previous group of death during the 2006 World Cup.

Brief Thoughts on the Draw:

Group A:
Czech Republic

Also very tough. And what this group has, is a home team, so you can never discount the home field advantage, the illogical calls they will get, and possibly Sepp Blatter communicating directly to the refs during matches to insure Switzerland at least advance to the knockout phases.

Group B:

Leave it to the Germans to always get an easy round to navigate. I swear these guys are always at least assured of a semifinal in every tournament.

Group C:

Where is the love?? At first take, you know there has got to be apprehension for the members of Group 3. To think that we get to ignite WWIII between the French and Italians, Gattuso and Raymond Domench warms my heart. I am confident we will see some beautiful matches, but realistically, two potential contenders could not make the elimination round.

Group D:

Guss Hiddink for leader of the WTO, UN, and President of the European Union. Seriously with this group, he will be able to weave his magic again and again. I can hear the FA making their offer to him somewhere between his second and third game.

And although there are member of the ever growing Azzurri Dreams readership, looking for their nearest oxygen tanks to help them comfort themselves and wonder what their countries did to deserve these draws, I leave them with this.

It could be worse, you could be England.

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