Friday, December 07, 2007

Rumor Control

I owe our growing readership an apology...again. I know this, as last night, set up an interesting moment in the careers of Feyenoord and I both. As I sat patiently awaiting my opportunity to shower Victoria with presents, I saw Feyenoord in the same line as me waiting to get into the Spice Girls reunion show in Lala land. He pretended to ignore me, and let me tell the ever growing Azzurri Dreams readership, Feyenoord has been acting very very strangely lately.
I quickly, asked, if you are," here, who then is answering our phones...?" but he just pretended to ignore me, so typical lately. I am wondering if Feyenoord is seriously considering another job offer at another football orientated website. I pretended to have better seats then him, but I could not lie. He had the better tickets because of his Azzurri Dreams Press pass. But the conversation quickly evolved to what I know best, which besides know the Spice Girls reunion is football.
One of the best times of the year is among us...almost, the winter transfer market. And what I have asked for in the past, is actually happening, i.e, the big clubs holding off and potentially acquiring ONLY one player if not anyone! Can you imagine Manchester United or Inter not associated with the next wonder kid or Ligue 1 starlet? But I digress and here is the latest. The latest rumors are:

Lulinha, the under 17 year old phenom is supposedly going to Chelsea. Hopefully, anything to spice up a Chelsea is game is well worth it.
Mirko Vučinić , finally, healthy, ala his Lecce Days, playing as Roma's goal scorer, linked with Real Madrid. Then again, what striker is not linked with Real Madrid. Just once I would like to see a player stay and give thanks and appreciation to a club while he got paid for rehabbing.
Amauri, also finally healthy, the move that was supposed to happen last summer, might finally happen now, with AC Milan, desperate to add yet another Brazilian. If he shows, the gordito aka Ronaldo I have to believe is LA Galaxy Bound.
Fabio Cannavaro, rumors continue to swirl around the master of central defense. He wants out of Spain, but if you have seen a Real Madrid game lately, even with Cannavaro there, their defense is...well lets just leave it there, I don't know if I trust my back four to two or three Brazilians.
Gianluca Zambrotta. As far as I have been told, going nowhere, even though Milan are trying to make a push for him
Adriano. I never thought I would say this, but maybe the Swedish-Savant might be able to resurrect his game. After all, is the party scene that good in Manchester? Maybe he can just focus on playing ball again.
Rafael Ferdinand Van Der Vaart. With a name like that he has to be good, right? After the move to Valencia fell through, he stayed at Hamburg. Just when I thought I had had enough of Inter, here they are again linked with yet another player. Visions of Bergkamp, anyone? Feyenoord will like this move, as he is already hounding me with SMS' telling me how the Azzurri should be fearing the Dutch in June 9th's showdown in Switzerland. Bottom line, this move actually makes sense, because no matter what the Italian press say, Caesar is not that great a playmaker, and this is the one thing Inter lack. The kicker, is he would be eligible for the Champions League. Don't count out Valencia in going after him again.
Yoann Gourcuff, gone from Milan and possibly heading back to France to play with PSG along with Juventus midfiuelder Tiago.
Tulio De Melo, Brazilian kid to Palermo

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