Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dutch Team

No I have not decided to go with a Dutch motif today to appease Feyenoord so that he would leave this shacked-up existence to respond to the media inquiries that are coming into the Azzurri Dreams offices. I know for a fact, he is alive and well, and while his lover is napping, he is sending me SMS messages showing what a powerhouse Van Basten's team is after yesterday's triumph. I responded by saying, when you win a game against a)someone other then Ireland, b)a penalty shoot-out, or c) a game that actually matters, there is nothing to talk about and go back to your business...and notice the SMS messages have stopped coming in.

But suffice it say to say, last night after their great performance, something we have been mentioning for a while happened. Liverpool signed Dirk Kuyt which does two things:

1)It spares us the bummer of having him play for Newcastle where his career would have rotten away worse then a Grahame Souness pep-talk

2)This insures Van Basten's future team, young team is all playing in England(competitive league), keeping them in top shape and all playing Champions League. The exposure will be great for these guys. And while I know Feyenoord, the team, have lost another great player, the Dutch national side now have another kid aside from Robben, V. Persie and van der Vaart that will be playing top flight football for a few years before the real opportunity will arise, the World Cup in 2010. Van Basten's future success is linked to these youngsters as well as Klaas Jan Huntelaar. Now for the rest, lets have some fun with this:

AC Milan delegates are in Rio to negotiate the transfer of Carlos Tevez. Finally, the rest of the world will be able to see this kid play. Not to say it again, but I will, players like Tevez do not end up in England. Sorry Fergie

Massimo Oddo also is ok'd to transfer to AC Milan. Good pick-up, even though he was on bench for Marcello Lippi's, incredible squad, he's young, an excellent crosser of the ball, and should make the Milan defense younger by about 45 years...and that just on Cafu's side.

And rounding up the Dutch mood for today, our condolences to Servaas ("Faas") Wilkes who passed away yesterday. Another great Dutch player, gone, but never to be forgotten.

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