Friday, March 17, 2006

The Village Idiot

No I am not talking about my agent. Even though the man has had me booked on so many talk shows that I have not even been able to connect with my ever-growing readership. I am soo sorry for not responding to the thousands of emails and voicemails I have received since February 17th. AzzurriDreams has a responsibility to report to you and we have failed to do so.

And although so many of you were angry, needing the latest news before it became the news that the English Press reports, I simply failed to respond to your needs. And even though I have not been booed, I am truly sorry.

But I am here to dispel some of the rumors making the rounds in the last few weeks. No I did not suffer a breakdown due to exhaustion. No I did not run away to Turkey where I could simply be left alone for a few weeks. And no, I have not been in Spain meeting with Real Madrid to discuss their coaching vacancy. And no, it was not me sitting next to the Swedish-Savant at the Stadio Olimpico on Wednesday during the Roma-Middlesbrough match. I simply have been trying to figure out why I have lacked the passion to write about the beautiful game lately. And I figured it out: Its the idiots at the large teams.

I am sick of the drama and idiots that are ruining the game. In the haven't-we-been-here-before game, lets rehash the story that unfortunately wont go away--Ronaldo and the idiots(3rd time I have used this word) at Inter Milan that officially want him. Was there any doubt on this? Now in the era of available players such as Carlos Tevez, Thierry Henry, Ruud Van Nistelrooy(he might not have been kicked by a flying shoe ala Becks, but this is trouble), Dirk Kuijt, Ewerton, Cassano and Ballack, why would you want an overweight striker? In his last interview before he left Inter Milan, a pensive Ronaldo is seen in a luxurious yard talking to reporters via his mobile and says he would never rule out a return, saying that Inter was always dear to him; it would be dear to me if I got paid €8M for not playing for the better part of three years, but I digress.

So now Inter Milan is becoming the Real Madrid of Italy, simply buying players on reputation and marketability that are past their prime(although Luis Figo is the recent exemption because his play has been stellar). They have not won anything since 1989. Their focus should be on getting players, not primadonnas. The kid they signed from Barcelona in 1997 is no longer that same player. I do eventually see a Ronaldo and Hernan Crespo paring at Inter but is that just me attempting to predict the future again? Now if you are Inter Milan are you going to guarantee that your fans do not boo Ronaldo when he shows up inspired and out of shape especially if he does not have his way at the World Cup? The team(see Moratti) needs to focus on building a team that can contend for the Serie A and Champions League very year and adding Ronaldo will not do it. And oh yeah, about at least having an Italian or two on your team.

Azzurri Dreams