Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Soccer Transfers

Get ready; the winter transfer market will open in January 2006, which means a few things:

Chelsea will start to be interested in just about everyone including my 4-year old nephew who can strike at a better clip then Didier Drogba.

Manchester United will buy someone they do not need just so they can buy someone.

Real Madrid will buy the other half of the Brazilian national team they do not have already and still end up second in La Liga, but boy they sure look pretty playing MLS-quality ball.

Somewhere, some desperate team will inquire about Fenerbahce's French striker Nicolas Anelka and leave me wondering why why why.

And the real possible transfer possibilities already making the rounds are these:

Inter Milan want the 20 year Brazilian Rafael Sobil who plays for Porto Alegre. They have already offered 10m Euros, but German team Werder Breman want him and have been dealing with bringing him over. He already has played for the Brazil Under 20 team and figures to go.

Manchester United will make a £3m move for Aston Villa midfielder Steve Davis in January, says The Daily Mirror. The Northern Ireland international will add to Man Utd slew of midfielders. What and bench Darren Fletcher...say it isn’t so Sir Alex Ferguson.

Chelsea are ready to make a £25m bid for Atletico Madrid striker Fernando Torres. Good luck with this. It’s like asking the same girl out over and over and over. Face it, the kid isn't coming to Chelsea. Although it was just announced today that the City Council wants to knock down the Vicente Calderon stadium, so the timing might be right.

Real Betis are ready to make a bid for the young Serbo-Montenegrin international Mirko Vucinic who plays for Lecce in Italy's Serie A as a replacement for Real Betis' Ricardo Oliveira who is out injured for four months. When you play for Lecce, its only a question of time before you are sold, so this is quite possible in early January.

Aston Villa keeper Stefan Postma, on loan at Wolves, is being chased by five clubs in his native Holland. Lets see, stay behind and play in England for Aston Villa, or go back to the land of Decadence...go back to Holland, Villa is going nowhere and nowhere fast.

Azzurri Dreams

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I Want My ESPN Deportes

This is a challenge to all the fans in the united states. Notice how we only get 1 out of the possible 4 Champions League Matches every champions league Tuesday and Wednesday on ESPN? This is dumb. Please support me and call your local Cable Provider and request:

ESPN Deportes

Happy times! Maybe they will listen to all of us, give us this channel and we will be able to watch something other than a 0-0 draw involving Manchester United. ESPN Deportes is like Disneyland for all of us, all the Champions League Matches. I have included the links to some of the major cable providers customer service page so that you can type in your zip code and it will give you a phone number;

1)Aldephia: Adelphia Customer Service

2)Comcast: Comcast Customer Service

3)Time Warner: Time Warner Customer Service

Azzurri Dreams

Roy Keane to my team

Let me be the first one to say, Roy Keane, you were and still are a wonderful footballer. What pains me is the bitter end for a true legend of our generation of football fans. BUT ENOUGH already. This is now replacing the David Beckham transfer saga of a few summer ago. Will he go, will he stay, will he go, will he stay. We know Roy will end-up somewhere, but seriously, do we care?

Why would any team that is currenlty thriving want to change their composition and bring in this temperental bloke(im not British, so that is the only word I could come up with) into their dressing room risking the early success of the first few months of the season.

I know where Roy Keane will end-up, but you will have to wait to the end of this posting to know it. Lets look at the possibilities:

1)Inter Milan; not even the most dsyfunctionally mangerial 'brain trust' of these guys wants him...I thought they specialized in signing over the hill multi-milliionares, but they wont even touch this one, what does that say about Keane?

2)Juventus: ok, lets bench Nedved, no maybe Viera, ok, maybe we will bench Emerson...for who Roy Keane, seriously give me a break.

3)Celtic: forget all those childhood dreams and growing up being a fan of the the old team, they cannot afford his wages

4)West Ham: truly a funn team to watch in the English Premiership this year, currenlty, up to 9th place and palying well. Alan Pardew what are you thinking? I know what your thinking, discpline, determination, and a younger team could use this guy. But you got such a good thing going do not change that

I think, Roy Keane will end up in Qatar along with Gabriel Battistuta...hey, is he still playing??

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